The PPP’s political graph seems to have touched its nadir. The main reason for it appears to be non-availability of Zardari in Pakistan. Bilawal has also been keeping a low profile apparently under instructions from his father and hitherto hasn’t become active despite his promise that after the holy month of Ramzan he would be touring all the cities to reorganise the party with the result that the PPP is seldom in the news, lately. In the KPK and Punjab the PPP is riven with factions galore. In Balochistan it is non-existent.

In Sind it is in the hand of a person who is on the wrong side of eighty and is physically and mentally not capable to fulfil the onerous responsibilities that go with his job. To cap it all there isn’t available within the party a leader as capable and politically shrewd as late ZA Bhutto and her daughter Benazir were.

Bilawal is living on the reputation of his mother and maternal grandfather. Unless he gets rid of heavy baggage of Zardari which he has been carrying on his shoulders there are little or no chances of the rehabilitation of his party. If Zardari would continue to call the shots in the PPP and pull the strings of his son there is every likelihood that his reputation might rub off on his son also thus to his detriment. In Karachi the area known as Liyari has always been the hotbed of PPP’s politics and its inhabitants always voted for this political party. It has been a den of various mafias which were patronised by the PPP for political reasons.

The Liyari gangs of criminals were as notorious as the dons of Mumbai’s underworld are. The recent Rangers’ crackdown against them has put the skids under them. They have either lost their life in gun battle with the Law and order enforcing agencies or have fled away to the Middle East. This has visibly upset their mentors in the present Sind government .

Besides, the FIA and the NAB have laid their hand on the corrupt element both inside and outside the Sind government and that is the precise reason why the PPP and the MQM feel uncomfortable with the present clean up operation in Sind.