Turkey Agreed To Resume Oil Exports From The Iraqi-Turkish Oil Pipeline

The Iraqi ambassador to Ankara, Majid Al-Lajmawi, announced that Turkey has agreed to resume oil exports from the Iraqi-Turkish oil pipeline.

Al-Lajmawi said in a statement, “The Turkish side agreed to immediately resume oil exports from the Iraqi-Turkish oil pipeline.”

He explained that he met yesterday with the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Alparslan Bayraktar, who confirmed that “the Turkish technical teams have completed the technical and logistical procedures for resuming the pumping of Iraqi oil through the pipeline,” explaining that “the issue is now in the custody of the Iraqi side.”

In turn, the ambassador expressed the appreciation of "the government and people of Iraq for this Turkish step," expressing "Iraq's readiness to resume oil exports as quickly as possible."

He stressed, "The resumption of oil exports will contribute significantly to opening the horizons of Iraqi-Turkish relations and strengthening them in a way that secures the common interests of the two neighboring countries and achieves development." -

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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