Two oil tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman

Fujairah, Two oil tankers were exposed Thursday to an unspecified incident in the Gulf of Oman and their crew were evacuated, the United Kingdom Royal Navy and the United States Fifth Fleet said.

The U.S. Fifth Fleet said two oil tankers were damaged in an incident in the Gulf of Oman, where one of the ships' operators described as a suspected attack, according to the Bloomberg News, while Reuters said that two tankers have been evacuated after an incident in the Gulf of Oman and the crew are safe.

According to Reuters, sources identified the tankers as the Marshal Islands-flagged Front Altair and the Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous.

A UK maritime safety group warned on Thursday of an unspecified incident in the Gulf of Oman and urged "extreme caution".

Commander Joshua Frey, a spokesman for the US Navy's Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, said his command was "aware" of a reported incident in the area, he declined to elaborate, adding "We are working on getting details."

After the accident, oil prices rose on global markets where Brent crude rose more than 2 percent and US crude at 1.5 percent.

Source: Jordan News Agency