The UAE has supplied the Civil Defence Authority of the interim Yemeni capital, Aden, with ambulances and fire trucks.

The delivery of this logistical support, which was attended by Major General Shalal Ali Shayea, Director of Security of the Interim Capital, included three firefighting vehicles and two ambulances, in continuation of the UAE's previous support for the authority, totalling 16 different vehicles.

During the delivery of the vehicles, Sultan Mujahed, Deputy Director of Aden Civil Defence Department, thanked the UAE for supporting Aden's civil defence efforts.

The UAE has supported civil defence departments in Yemen's liberated governorates since of the launch of "Operation Restoring Hope," and has repaired, maintained and provided many civil defence centres with firefighting vehicles, equipment and rescue vehicles. It has also trained civil defence personnel and held relevant workshops.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs