UN Chief: UN may run out of money by end of the month

Amman, The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the organization is running a deficit of $230 million and may run out of money by the end of October.

In a letter addressed to 37,000 employees at the UN Secretariat, Guterres said that additional stop-gap measures would be needed to pay salaries and entitlements to employees.

In a bid to cut costs, the UN chief proposed postponing conferences, meetings and also reducing services. He also mentioned restricting official travel to only essential activities along with taking measures to save energy.

"Member States have paid only 70 per cent of the total amount needed for our regular budget operations in 2019," he noted, adding that it was written to Member States on 4 October to explain that regular budget activities are at a critical stage.

"The ultimate responsibility for the UN's financial health lies with the Member States and only their funding can help sustain operations," he said.

Source: Jordan News Agency