WHO raps Saudi Arabia over MERS virus (dpa German Press Agency)

Geneva (dpa) – Saudi Arabian authorities have yet to take the necessary steps to control the recurring spread of the MERS coronavirus disease, the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday.
“Besides implementing good infection control and prevention measures, efforts to educate professionals and the public are urgently needed,” the WHO said after its delegation visited Saudi Arabia together with experts from other international agencies.
In addition, WHO said not all healthcare facilities had taken the necessary steps to stop the spread of the virus, which causes pneumonia and kills about 40 per cent of those infected.
A total of 50 MERS infections have been reported in February in the Saudi kingdom. The tally includes cases where patients contracted the virus in hospital.
Since the virus was detected in April 2012, more than 1,000 cases have been recorded, the vast majority of them in Saudi Arabia.
Studies have linked the outbreak to dromedary camels, but the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said more scientific work was needed to understand how exactly the virus spreads.