Amman, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon have committed to digitally transform their countries, presenting separate roadmaps to support the Mashreq region's integration into the rapidly evolving global digital economy.

The commitments came on the first day of the landmark, high-level forum on Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Development in Mashreq, which was hosted by Jordan and organized jointly with the World Bank Group.

In a statement released Sunday, the World Bank said the three governments had identified the challenges and solutions that would allow Mashreq countries to realize more gains to their economies and societies.

Digitalization is shaping the present and future of economic activities as it brings about higher productivity, efficiencies and quicker inclusion of lagging economic and social groups, such as women and youth, it said.

It noted that mobile and digital solutions are contributing to facilitating greater financial inclusion.

The World Bank commits to support Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon in achieving their visions and plans for digital transformation by providing the necessary resources and instruments.

It will work closely with the governments, private sector, academia and civil society to maximize the impact of digitization and reap the digital dividends for their societies.

This support will include pursuing plans to ensure affordable access to high-speed internet and facilitate investment in broadband, delivering digital government services and improving access to data, while ensuring the highest standards of cyber security and data privacy, developing a modern digital payment infrastructure, scaling up digital entrepreneurship, and ensuring education and training programs meet current and future skills needs.

Source: Jordan News Agency