Zayed Higher Organisation to train People of Determination in making artificial limbs

DUBAI, The Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) has signed a Joint Venture Contract (JVC) with German healthcare equipment manufacturer Bauerfeind ME’s affiliate Orthopedic Technic Berlin (OTB), to train People of Determination in making artificial limbs and other medical devices.

The initiative will enable Bauerfeind to employ and train People of Determination to produce prosthetics and orthotics at the ZHO facility in Abu Dhabi. The JV, showcasing UAE-German cooperation in technology and public-private partnership, is a commitment of the two organisations with a common goal towards providing people of determination with tools to be self-reliant and improving their quality of life.

Abdullah Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of the ZHO, signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Karl Schmidt, General Manager of Bauerfeind ME and OTB, at a ceremony held at the UAE pavilion in Expo 2020.

“The initiative will train the people of determination in manufacturing medical devices like prosthetics and orthotics by using Artificial intelligence (AI) and distributing the devices globally. The initiative will create a community of qualified and employable people of determination to take up opportunities in new fields that are available in the current employment market. The ZHO is planning to make the training facility as a central hub in the Middle East to extend the benefit of the initiative to the people of determination from across the region,” said Abdullah Al Humaidan.

“We use advanced robotic carving system, designed for the orthopedic market, to produce custom-made prosthetic and orthotic models. The ZHO centre in Abu Dhabi is an ideal production training facility for people of determination. We will enable them educationally, functionally, culturally, and socially in line with their abilities and aspirations towards the effectiveness of community roles and to achieve social development,” said Karl Schmidt.

“The agreement will see a team of experts operating the training programme and ensuring the highest level of efficiency and the best outcome from the initiative. The programme will start with training and employing eight people of determination who will be certificated by the end of the programme,” Al Humaidan concluded.

Prosthetics are custom-fitting artificial limbs for persons with limb loss, while orthotics medical devices to reduce foot pain in patients.

OTB Bauerfeind will conduct the training workshops at Khawarizmi Training Solutions in Bahia, Abu Dhabi with specialist trainers in manufacturing these devices. The company also will supply and install the required equipment for designing to meet the preparation requirements; in addition to providing manufacturing materials.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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