King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language Launches ‘Sounds of Saudi Arabia’ Blog

Riyadh: The King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language has initiated the “Sounds of Saudi Arabia” blog project. The project is set to be completed by the end of this year, focusing on spoken and transcribed content representing various linguistic levels, including eloquent language and local dialects from different regions of Saudi Arabia. The project aligns with the Human Capability Development Program, a part of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative. Certainly! Here’s the text copy-edited in Chicago style:

The project’s primary goals are to advance research in the Arab audio blogging industry, document various Saudi dialects, and apply modern methodologies to create an audio blog. The project also aims to represent different social classes and utilize modern technologies to provide audio language data for scientific study and research.

The “Sounds” blog primarily targets creators of spoken dialect dictionaries, AI researchers, and individuals interested in studying linguistic variances across age groups an
d different dialects. It adheres to international standards for structuring and managing audio language data (CODA and TEI) and encourages participation from individuals of different age groups to represent the linguistic reality of Saudi dialects accurately.

The blog will encompass over 40 geographical locations in Saudi Arabia. Recordings from diverse categories of participants (children, youth, elderly, men, and women) will be uploaded through the Falak Platform for Arabic Language Corpora. The blog will cover various topics, including storytelling, local customs, food, traditions, holidays, everyday situations, and quotes.

Once completed, the “Sounds” blog will be available for researchers and individuals interested in utilizing it for studies, research, application development, and adding new geographical points. It will also assist AI developers in addressing challenges related to studying Arabic dialects and automatic voice recognition.

The “Sounds” blog aligns with the strategic plans of the King S
alman Global Academy for Arabic Language to support language computing, boost scientific research, leverage AI technologies in Arabic language applications, and promote the integrity, pronunciation, and global position of the Arabic language within and outside Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Press Agency