Makkah Municipality Intensifies Efforts for Cleaning, Controlling Insects, Pests

Makkah: The Makkah Municipality has increased its efforts to maintain hygiene and manage pest control by cooperating with other government agencies and forming multiple teams to execute its plan, including pest-control specialists and technicians.

A total of 689 individuals were allocated for this initiative, along with 930 tools and 321 various devices, including pest control vehicles, fogging equipment, automatic spraying devices, manual devices, and hydrogen devices. These teams work morning and evening shifts at various locations.

The municipality developed a specific mechanism for insect exploration work, focusing on dividing sites in Makkah and the Holy Sites according to density rates. They are intensifying work in critical areas such as slaughterhouses, vegetable gardens, fish markets, and waste dumps while also monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their efforts. They also increased the number of teams based on density rates and the number of reports received on the Balady platform.

ce: Saudi Press Agency