Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association: 6 Decades of Serving Pligrims

Makkah: The Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association made extensive efforts to support the pilgrims during this year’s Hajj season. They effectively utilized all available resources and worked in close collaboration with various sectors providing volunteer services.

This was an integral component of a comprehensive framework of collaboration among all sectors in Saudi Arabia, aimed at providing exceptional services and ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for pilgrims.

This year, the association adopted a structured institutional approach to improve performance efficiency and effectiveness. The goal was to adhere to and enhance all aspects of comprehensive quality management, in alignment with the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 programs.

The association has successfully kept up with modern advancements and technologies, creating an environment that aligns with the child protection policy of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Furthermore, it bolstered the skills of its scout leaders
by providing them with comprehensive training and specialized courses.

This year, the scouts’ services were diverse, encompassing guiding lost pilgrims, organizing hospital visits, transporting recovered individuals to their camps and accommodations, and providing basic first aid administered by medical student scouts. They also monitored prices, ensured food availability, prevented unauthorized vending, and maintained order in slaughterhouses. Additionally, the association offered electronic services through its official website and smartphone app.

Historically, the scouts’ service to pilgrims dates back to the late 1970s (Hijri calendar), evolving from a dedicated group of scouts in the holy capital to a comprehensive national project involving Saudi youth from various scouting sectors. This service has seen different phases, including Arab and Islamic gatherings held from 1384H to 1394H.

Since 1395H, the scout service during Hajj has been exclusively Saudi, with young Saudis annually serving pilgrims in
Makkah, the holy sites, Madinah, land, air, and sea entry points, and pilgrim cities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency