Taif Governor Inspects Miqats of Ihram, Security Checkpoints to Oversee Hajj Pilgrims’ Services

Taif, The Governor of Taif, Prince Saud bin Nahar bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, conducted a visit on Sunday to the miqats of ihram and various security checkpoints in the governorate, including the Al-Bahita Security Screening Center. The governor’s visit aimed to ensure the smooth operation and evaluate the services provided by government, service, and private entities to the Hajj pilgrims for this year.

Accompanied by the Undersecretary of Taif Governorate, Musleh bin Hamdan Al-Bogami, as well as directors from various governmental civil and military sectors, the Taif governor visited the Miqat of Qarn Al-Manazil in Al Sail Al Kabir.

Furthermore, Prince Saud bin Nahar inspected the security exhibition at the Bahita center, with participation from military, civil, and private sectors. The governor then made a stop at one of the security checkpoints on the Al Sail Al Kabir road, where he was briefed on the technology used for monitoring and handling violations of Hajj permits and related procedures.

, he inspected the Wadi Mehrim Miqat on the Al Hada road and met with several pilgrims to check on the services provided to them. He urged all those involved in serving the pilgrims to redouble their efforts in removing any obstacles they may face.

The governor commended the efforts of the relevant entities, as well as male and female volunteers, for their dedication in extending services to the pilgrims.

Source: Saudi Press Agency