25 government communication experts participate in integrated training programme in UK

DUBAI, 22th May, 2023 (WAM) — As part of the Government Communication Experts Programme, the UAE Government Media office has organised an integrated training programme including a series of workshops and interactive sessions at the UK Government Communication Service and London Business School. The Government Communication Experts Programme comprise a number of Government Communication professionals and leaders from across the UAE government. The programme aims at keeping up with the latest trends and best practices in government communication and building up communications capabilities, through knowledge exchange with global experts and specialists. Saeed Mohammad Al Eter, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Projects, Chairman of the UAE Government Media Office, said, “Government communication has a vital role in supporting the Government’s directions and strategies, and ensuring the delivery of government messages and successful stories locally and globally.” Al Eter added, “It is very important to continue to develop the government communication ecosystem and its personnel by adopting the latest international practices and keeping pace with the accelerating changes in the media landscape.” “Since its launch, more than 170 government communication experts from across the UAE Government entities have graduated from the Government Communication Experts Programme,” Al Eter concluded. The programme included sessions with the Government Communication Service, including session with Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communication. “The UK Government Communication Service is delighted to have worked successfully in partnership with fellow professionals from the UAE government media office. We exchanged ideas, learnt from each other and were able to build relationships which will provide a lasting legacy from this training programme,” Aiken said. Over the course of four days, participants learned about the Office’s 2022-2025 strategy, internal communication methods, communication crisis management, and the Modern Communication Operating Model. Khadija Hussain, Executive Director of Government Communication Sector, stressed the importance of the Government Communication Experts Programme and its growing role. She noted that the international visits are an important part of the training programme as they contribute to updating participants on the latest government communication practices. Andy Pike, Director of the GREAT campaign, Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office Communications, participated in informing participants of the importance of national campaigns and their vital role in supporting different sectors. Moreover, the programme featured a wide range of events during which participants met with leaders and communication experts at London Business School, primarily Dean Francois Ortalo-Magne. Participants learned about multiple types of communication policies adopted by UK Government entities, the most important features and objectives, the functions of spokespersons, as well as the role of government communication in supporting the entities’ objectives and visions. The programme, which is held in cooperation with the new Media Academy and witnesses in its current session 25 participants, aims to develop the capabilities of government communication specialists and professionals in various government entities and qualify them to lead communication projects in accordance with best global practices.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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