Rebirth Beirut Cultural Space is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition ‘HOLE’ featuring the works of Micaela Legnaioli and Franco Losvizzero. The exhibition is under the patronage of the Embassy of Lebanon in Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut and is curated by Samar Hawa.

The opening night will be on June 9th from 6pm to 9pm at Rebirth Beirut headquarters in Gemmayzeh, Gouraud Street. The exhibition will remain until June 30th from 2pm to 7pm, Monday through Friday.

HOLE delves into the concept of an opening or cavity, whether natural or artificial, deep and fathomless, which penetrates profoundly or passes through a surface. As Micaela Legnaioli explores metal sheets using steel tips and acid, Franco Losvizzero digs inside himself to access deep memories. Losvizzero’s journey resembles a hole in the unconscious, projecting him into a surreal realm of dreams and nightmares.

Both artists explore the collective memories of humanity alongside their own experiences, revealing the common ground shared by all individuals – a hole that exists within each of us. Beirut, a city grappling with its own wounds and holes, serves as a poignant backdrop for this exploration.

Mr. Gaby Fernaine, founder and president of Rebirth Beirut, expressed his views on the new exhibition saying: ‘The devastating explosion in 2020 left behind a profound void, a hole, in the essence of the city’s streets. Legnaioli, Losvizzero, and Rebirth Beirut come together, uniting their efforts in the reconstruction of not only the urban fabric but also the cultural and inner rebirth of the city’.

This exhibition builds a bridge between Italy and Lebanon, transcending barriers, wars, pollution, and wounds that Beirut symbolizes. It represents a testimony to the city’s painful history and a beacon of hope for its immense capacity for rebirth. Fernaine added.

Part of the proceeds will go to support Rebirth Beirut’s initiatives which serve the beautiful capital: Beirut and which aim to restore life and hope in the city.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon