Al-Sudani chairs the tenth session of the Supreme Authority for Coordination between the Governorates

The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, chaired today, Sunday, the tenth session of the Supreme Authority for Coordination among the Governorates.

During the session, developments in the general situation in the governorates were discussed, the monthly positions of the projects were reviewed, and the most important problems and obstacles hindering their completion, in addition to proposals to remove them.

During the session, the investment map for the governorates of Karbala and Diwaniyah was approved, taking into account the observations of the Technical Affairs Department in the coordination body among the governorates. In this regard, the Prime Minister confirmed his previous directives to give priority in investment to industrial and agricultural projects in all governorates, because of their important impact on providing job opportunities and achieving the development targeted by the government in its plans and programmes.

Al-Sudani also directed to pay more attention to the educational sector, and provide a suitable school environment for students, by providing potable water in schools, and allocating a percentage of the work contracts that will be distributed among the governorates, to be service and guard contracts for schools.

With the aim of ensuring a decent living for the segment of beneficiaries of the social protection network, it was decided to include them in the allocation of residential plots of land, according to controls set by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and public municipalities after their approval by the Prime Minister.

In the direction of the administrative reforms that the government is working on, it was decided to form a committee headed by the General Coordinator for Governorate Affairs and membership of the Minister of Finance, three governorates, and the National Investment Authority, which will determine the powers to be transferred to the directors of the sub-departments of the State Real Estate Department in the governorates. / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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