The Arab Parliament denounced the heinous massacre carried out by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians in the refugee camps in Rafah.

The Arab Parliament affirmed in a statement issued that Israel has violated all international and legitimate laws, customs and resolutions that call for an immediate cessation of aggression and a halt to the military attack on Rafah, in a blatant defiance and flagrant violation of all resolutions, the latest of which is the implementation of the decisions of the International Court of Justice in which it called for an end to the military attack on Rafah.

It stressed that the failure to hold Israel accountable for its crimes and the massacres it commits against the Palestinian people and the failure to take any deterrent measures against it, makes it continue to kill and destroy, noting that the positions of the countries supporting Israel, led by the United States of America, are the main reason for it continuing to commit more crimes, and massacres, in
cluding the Rafah massacre, which claimed the lives of dozens and wounded others, including children and women.

The Parliament called on the international community, the Security Council, and human rights and international organizations to take immediate action to pressure Israel to stop these massacres and stop the aggression against the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Jerusalem, and to oblige it to implement the decisions of the International Court of Justice and the legitimate decisions, and to return to the negotiations to reach solutions to end the war and genocide to stop the bloodshed that continues and escalates day after day.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon