areeba, a pioneering leader in payment solutions and processing services, is proud to announce the successful certification of its in-house-developed switch by Mastercard, a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards excellence in providing world class payment infrastructure in the MENA region.

After testing and evaluation, areeba’s switch hasdemonstrated its robustness, reliability, and adherence to industry best practices. This development provides a direct connection between areeba’s platform and Mastercard for the authorization, clearing, and settlement of payment transactions.

Through the connection, financial institutions and program managers utilizing areeba’s platform will benefit from a speedier time to market and more rapid implementation of flexible, secure, and feature-rich prepaid, credit, debit, and mobile payment programs.

“This certification confirms areeba’s technical skills and dedication to excellence while highlighting its significant role in providing cutting edge payment
infrastructure in the MENA region that meet the highest quality and security standards,” said Maher Mikati, CEO at areeba.

‘The increasing demand for seamless digital payment solutions in the region creates a conducive environmentfor innovation. Mastercard’s certification of areeba’s switch will empower the processor to boost its standing in this highly competitive landscape and deliver tailored offerings that address the evolving needs of the market,’said Driss Belemlih, EVP Customer Delivery Lead, EEMEA, Mastercard.

With the Mastercard certification, areeba is poised to expand its reach and provide enhanced payment processing capabilities to businesses across various industries. This milestone not only validates the technical expertise and capabilities of areeba’s team but also reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the global payment ecosystem.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon