Domes of Grand Mosque Designed with Precision, Their Modernity Derived from Ancient Islamic Heritage

Makkah: The many intricate geometric details that adorn the Grand Mosque of Makkah, including its domes, create a visually stunning pattern that delights the eye. Their precise design is derived from the rich Islamic heritage, but incorporates contemporary aspects as well.

During the third Saudi expansion of the mosque, 22 domes were constructed, 12 of which made of movable glass, six of fixed glass, on the second floor, and other four fixed domes over the central halls of the second floor.

The 12 movable glass domes are located above the rear and central courtyards; they measure 28.5×17 meters, an external height of 8.75 meters, and a weight of approximately 300 tons.

The internal and external facades are made of marble and glass, the latter for openings. The external surfaces are made of colored mosaic, and the internal ceilings are made of wood inlaid with precious stones.

The glass domes open via a central control unit to provide natural ventilation when the temperature is suitable and automatically i
n case of fire to release smoke.

The six fixed glass domes that are located on the second floor measure 9×14 meters, have an internal height of 35.5 meters, and weigh some 20 tons each.

The four fixed domes that are located above the central halls on the second floor have an outer diameter of 16.6 meters, an internal height of 9.6 meters, an external height of 13.6 meters, and they weigh 25 tons each.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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