Egypt’s Enppi, Bahrain’s A’Ali face off for gold in AWST 2024 Table Tennis finale

SHARJAH: Egypt's Enppi SC and Bahrain's A'Ali SC are gearing up for a fierce showdown in the table tennis finals, having successfully advanced through the semi-finals at the 7th Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST 2024) on Thursday. Both teams achieved full marks in the group stage before continuing their impressive performance in the semi-finals. They will engage in a high-stakes match on Friday at Sharjah Women's Sports for the gold medal. A'Ali secured their place in the finals after winning against Syria's Al Muhafezah and Sharjah Women's Sports in the group stage and then overcame Jordan's Hmada SC in the quarter-finals. Meanwhile, Enppi defeated Kuwait's Al-Fatat Kuwaiti and Hamadah SC in the group stage and emerged victorious against Al Muhafezah in the semi-finals, setting up Hamadah SC and Al Muhafezah to compete for the bronze medal. Nabil Mamoun, Member of the International Table Tennis Federation's rules committee and head referee during AWST 2024, commended the stellar performances of the four teams in the semi-finals. He highlighted the tournament's mounting excitement and the players' increasing adaptability to the competitive atmosphere, particularly evident after observing each team's strategic play during the group stages. He said, 'Egypt's Enppi and Bahrain's A'Ali have rightfully earned their spots in the final match, showcasing amazing skills and finesse, dominating their groups from the outset. Their journey to the finals, marked by commendable victories over Jordan's Hamadah and Syria's Al Muhafezah, was anticipated given their exceptional form. Simultaneously, we must extend our congratulations and respect to the Jordanian and Syrian teams for their remarkable performances and the high level of skill displayed by their players.' Mamoun praised the AWST 2024, he said, 'The UAE, particularly Sharjah, has consistently set the benchmark for premier sports events, demonstrating its ability to host a standout 7th edition of AWST, now a landmark event for women across the Arab world.' He co mmended the table tennis championship's venue, highlighting its readiness for international competitions with comprehensive facilities for teams, referees, and officials. "The tournament's organisation was exemplary in every regard, from the warm welcome of delegations to accommodation and facilities, underscoring the success of this grand Arab sporting event," he added. Source: Emirates News Agency

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