Gmail Allows Response with Emojis

In a potential game-changer for email communication, Gmail is reportedly in the testing phase of a feature that allows users to send emoji reactions in response to emails. This functionality aims to infuse email interactions with a touch of informality and engagement, mirroring how emojis are widely used in text messages and social media comments.

Recent reports from The Verge, Chrome Unboxed, and PCMag shed light on this upcoming feature, indicating that it could soon be rolled out to users. The functionality was initially discovered in the iOS Gmail app’s code by Steve Moser of The Tape Drive last month.

Users will have the option to send emoji reactions directly from the email screen or through the three-dot overflow menu, although the latter option is currently disabled during the testing phase.

Google has hinted at its eagerness to integrate this feature into Gmail, further confirming its potential impact on email communication. Some Gmail users have already received messages notifying them that they are among the first to access emoji reactions, suggesting a gradual rollout to a select group for initial testing, as reported by Android Police. Strings found within the Android app also affirm that emoji reactions are on the horizon, according to 9to5Google.

The introduction of emoji reactions has the potential to revolutionise email correspondence, providing a quick and informal means of responding without the need for lengthy replies. This could prove particularly valuable in professional settings where quick acknowledgments are often required.

Source: Qatar News Agency