Human Rights condemns storming citizen Al-Haiqi’s house and arresting him with his family members in Mukalla

The Ministry of Human Rights condemned in the strongest terms the crime of storming citizen Mojaheed Al-Haiqi’s house with eight members of his family, including four children, in the city of Mukalla in Hadramaut, by forces affiliated with the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition in Hadramaut city.

The Ministry of Human Rights affirmed in a statement received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) the absolute rejection of what the invasion and occupation authorities are doing in terms of intimidation of women and children, and pointing weapons in their faces without the scruple of religion, conscience, or consideration for the sanctity of Yemeni’s houses, customs, traditions, and customs.

It pointed out that this barbaric ,brutal act reveals the ongoing crimes and violations that the people of the occupied provinces are exposed to by the invasion and occupation authorities.

The statement held aggression coalition countries and their tools criminally and legally responsible for this crime and the killing, slaughter, kidnapping, torture, displacement, and confiscation of citizens’ rights and the instillation of racism and regionalism to which the people of the occupied provinces are exposed.

Human Rights Ministry deplored the omission of these crimes and violations from the statements and briefings of the Security Council.

The Ministry described the press statement issued by the Security Council on September 29, 2023, in which it condemned what it called “the horrific and escalating drone attack on members of the coalition forces on the southern border of Saudi Arabia” as a fabrication of false issues outside international law, and ignoring the crimes of the invasion and occupation coalition in the occupied provinces.

It touched on what happens daily in terms of direct targeting of civilians in the border areas with artillery shell and various firearms, without any serious positions or condemnation from the Security Council regarding these ongoing crimes.

The statement reiterated that the continuation of these policies only serves the aggressor countries against Yemen and makes them continue their crimes and violations against civilians.

It also stated that the forces behind these policies, led by America, Britain and France, bear full responsibility for these crimes, whether directly participating in the aggression militarily, or politically through these statements.

The statement pointed out that the Ministry of Human Rights continues to monitor crimes and violations committed by the aggression coalition, and works to prosecute everyone involved in them, considering these criminal acts will not be subject to a statute of limitations and the perpetrators will be prosecuted sooner or later.

The Ministry of Human Rights once again called on the international community and international organizations to condemn these acts and work to hold their perpetrators accountable and make more international efforts to stop the violations of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and its militias against children, women and citizens in general in the occupied provinces, on the Yemeni borders,to move to stop the crimes of the aggression coalition ,its militias and lift the siege on the Yemeni people.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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