Parliament appreciate British Member of House of Commons Webbe for her solidarity with Yemen and Palestine

The Parliament Speaker , Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i, sent a message of thanks to the member of the British House of Commons, Claudia Webbe, in his name, to the Presidency , members of the Yemeni parliament and the Yemeni people, for her influential and sincere activity towards the tragedy of the Palestinians in Gaza , the bombing and targeting of its capabilities by America and Britain.

Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i appreciated Webbe keenness to stop the bombing in Gaza and Yemen, hoping that her voice would remain free and loud in solidarity with free peoples.

He said, “We are following with all interest your activity in the British House of Commons , your interest in the Palestinian issue and the oppression of the people of Gaza who are suffering under the aggression of the occupying Israeli entity.”

He added, “We followed your article about the bombing of Yemen and Palestine on the Morning Star website, and your assertion that Britain’s participation in the bombing of Yemen in cooperation with America comes to protect Israeli trade and economy and with false and faded media and political cover.”

He praised the role of the member of the British House of Commons in refuting the lies promoted by the American and British administrations that the bombing of Yemen comes to protect navigation in Red Sea, despite the Republic of Yemen’s affirmation and continued commitment to protecting international navigation in the Red Sea, Aden Gulf , Bab al-Mandab Strait, and not allowing Israeli ships or ‘Those destined for the occupied Palestinian ports will be transit only until the aggression against Gaza stops , food and medical aid is brought in. However, America and Britain continue to bomb Yemeni cities and terrorize safe civilians without any legal justification at all other than protecting the Israeli trade and economy.’

In the letter, the parliament speaker pointed out what Webbe pointed out in her article that Yemen has been subjected to bombing for ten years by the Saudi-Emirati coalition with American-British support, logistical and intelligence participation, indicating that when Yemen approaches creating an opportunity for peace, America and Britain’s desire to bomb Yemen is renewed to punish Yemenis because they are carrying out their humanitarian, moral and religious duty towards the oppressed Palestinians.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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