SIBF 2023 offers exceptional theatrical experience, meaningful entertainment

SHARJAH, As the 42nd edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) approaches, visitors are in for a cultural journey that combines literature, art, and entertainment.

Taking place at the Expo Centre Sharjah from 1st to 12th November, 2023, the SIBF will celebrate books and a spectacular theatre showcase for all age groups.

This year, SIBF will host the “Barcode Prison” play, considered the largest Emirati theatrical production in 2023, alongside a play by the ALJ Sisters Band.

“Barcode Prison” – Spectacular Emirati Theatrical Production

“Barcode Prison” targets an audience aged 18 and above and will run for three consecutive days starting 3rd November, 2023. This captivating performance provides a unique and humorous perspective on the issue of bullying within a prison, where a group of unruly inmates awaits their sentences. The cast boasts exceptional Emirati talent, including Marwan Abdullah, Ahmed Mal Allah, Musa Al Bukishi, Bader Hakmi, Haifa Al Ali, and Reem Al Faisal. Directed by Marwan Abdullah Saleh, this play addresses the sensitive subject of bullying.

ALJ Sisters Band Presents Delightful Children’s Play

Younger visitors to the SIBF will be entertained by the ALJ Sisters Band, featuring the talented Aljoud Albaanon, Wadha Alayoub, and Aljourry Albaanon. Their musical, set to run in November, follows three young girls as they navigate various situations, each teaching valuable life lessons and social values.

While each sister has a unique personality and hobby, they are united by love, friendship, and cooperation. The play aims to develop children’s skills, boost self-confidence, and promote moral values such as kindness and respect.

Source: Emirates News Agency