stc Group Signs Cooperation Deals with Royal Commission for AlUla, TONOMUS at FII7

The stc Group signed cooperation deals with both the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) and TONOMUS, a technology subsidiary of Saudi NEOM, concluding its participation in the seventh edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII7).

During the FII7, stc Group showcased its digital services as it signed cooperation agreements to empower smart cities and provide satellite communication services. The group also actively engaged in panel discussions during the event.

In this regard, stc Group’s strategic partnership agreement with the RCU aims at building and digitally empowering infrastructure, transforming AlUla into a sustainable smart city that offers a unique digital experience for residents and visitors.

As part of the partnership deal, stc Group will construct and operate the digital infrastructure, while the RCU will provide locations, carry out civil works, and prepare the infrastructure to supply the governorate with fiber optics.

Meanwhile, stc Group will provide high-speed broadband communications services and sustainable solutions to businesses and individuals throughout Saudi Arabia as per its strategic agreement with TONOMUS.

The agreement provides the group with unprecedented access to low earth orbit (LEO) satellite capacity from TONOMUS.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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