Watchdog welcomes GAM’s move to regulate street vending

The Consumer Protection Society (CPS) on Sunday welcomed a recent decision by the Amman Greater Municipality (GAM) to regulate street and sidewalk vending and open three new popular markets.

CPS President Muhammad Obeidat said the move would guarantee better adherence to health and hygiene controls and prevent encroachment on public spaces, adding that unregulated street vending has been an issue of contention between vendors and law enforcement authorities over the past few years.

Obeidat commended GAM's decision to designate 22 fee-free plots of land across Amman for street vending and said that the step would ensure that goods and foodstuffs are not put in the open or under direct sunlight.

Furthermore, the CPS president said the regulation of goods seizure and re-release to vendors is a step that would guarantee the rights of all and reduce the volume of merchandize that is disposed of.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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