Zionist enemy arrests wounded Palestinian, his father from Jenin, & two brothers from Jaba’

The Zionist enemy forces arrested at dawn today, Wednesday, a Palestinian citizen and his wounded son from Jenin, amidst clashes, while the town of Jaba’ in south was stormed and two brothers were arrested.

The Palestinian News Agency, Wafa, stated that the enemy forces arrested the wounded man and his father, after storming Jenin city and raiding their house in eastern neighborhood, where they caused damage to the house and caused a fire to break out inside the house of the wounded man, with sound bombs, as the civil defense crews worked to put out the fire, in conjunction with the outbreak of confrontations with citizens.

In the context, these forces stormed the town of Jaba’, south of Jenin, after the infiltration of special “undercover” units and arrested two brothers, which led to the outbreak of confrontations between the youths and the enemy forces, without any injuries being reported.

Source: Yemen News Agency