Mass vigils in Sana’a to commemorate Al-Sarqah

Sana’a governorate witnessed today, after Friday prayers mass vigils to commemorate the anniversary of Al-Sarqah under the slogan “The yell in the face of the arrogant.”

The participants in the vigils that were held in the villages and districts of the province confirmed that launching the slogan of the Al-Sarqah was an inevitable necessity to confront America after the American regime usurped land, honor, money and blood in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They pointed out that the martyr leader realized early on the seriousness of the American project to occupy Arab and Islamic countries, exploit their wealth and humiliate their people, so he launched his Quranic project to confront that colonial project.

They affirmed that Al-Sarqah revived in the nation the spirit of jihad, pride and courage, and terrified the countries of global arrogance, led by America and Israel.

The statements denounced the march of flags carried out by hundreds of Zionists in occupied Jerusalem, and the repeated attacks against our brothers in occupied Palestine.

The statements called on everyone to go out in a mass and honorable manner next Wednesday to commemorate the anniversary of the Al-Sarqah the face of the arrogant powers and support for the great causes of the nation.

Source: Yemen News Agency