Media personnel praise Saudi role in promoting inter-Arab coop.

Arab and international media personnel lauded Saudi Arabia?’s efforts in activating joint Arab action, overcoming differences and restoring cohesion between Arab states.

In a statement to KUNA, Salem Al-Yami, a Saudi media figure, said that the Jeddah summit will be promising, especially after witnessing a phase of inter-Arab consensus and unprecedented harmony.

He also noted that the summit will discuss everything that concerns the Arab people in terms of security, political and economic domains, in addition to Arab reunification.

In turn, Director of Russia Today’s office in the Gulf Region, Hassan Zeitouni, said that the preparatory meeting of Arab foreign ministers discussed the repercussions of the Sudanese crisis and the Palestinian issue, especially with the escalation of the Israeli occupation’s attacks.

Zeitouni praised Saudi Arabia’s role in activating joint Arab action, overcoming differences and promoting Arab cooperation economically and commercially in the face of the changes and challenges the world is witnessing.

For his part, Chinese TV correspondent in Riyadh, Elham Lee, said that he can describe this summit as a new start for the Arabs, especially after the return of Syria to the Arab League.

He also pointed out that the Arab world has witnessed in recent years many crises, some of which still exist, but the Arab nation should look forward to the future, especially after the statements of Arab foreign ministers that highlighted the aspiration to meet on political issues as well as in economi development.

Elham noted that the Arab countries now have many development visions, and this focuses on developing the economy and attracting foreign investments, stressing that all of this needs a stable and secure environment in the region and stable relations with neighboring countries.

On the ties between China and the Arab countries, Elham indicated that there will be continuous cooperation to maintain stability and peace in the Middle East region, noting that the mediation role played by China in normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran indicates the confidence of the Arab countries in China, which is supported by the political relations.

The 32nd Arab Summit will kick off later Friday in Saudi Arabia?’s Jeddah, amid delicate circumstances in which the Arab nation is trying to shore up cohesion, reunion, and coordination.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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